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The Real Deal on the WONDER CORE SMART Total Core Workout Machine

Like anyone else landing on this page, you want to create a set of tight, flat or even washboard sculpted abs. Maybe it's to look hot and show them off, or just because you want to be in the best shape of your life.

Hey, whatever the reason, that's your business!

All I care about is sharing the facts so you can make smart buying decisions with regards to gear that can help you attain awesome abs.  

My objective is to steer you away from junk, and point out any pros along with the cons for all the reviewed equipment.  

In this review about the Wonder Core abs workout machine, I'm dishing out the truth  - not hype - to help you determine if it’s the best product for you to buy before you spend a dime of your hard earned money.

Is this Ab Machine Good or Totally Useless?

Like every other ab centric fitness gadget that comes out onto the market, the Wonder Core Smart ab machine promises to be unique and offer a way to work your abdominals unlike anything else, ever before!

You and I both know that it's hyped up with outlandish marketing.

But here is what IS real...​

They have created a compact design which is does not need any assembly, is foldable, easy to store, and simple to use.

Their design allows you to have a small machine that will fit in very well for those with only very small spaces.

It seems to be made from decent quality materials with only a small number of users complaining of any problems.​

How Does This Device Workout Your Core?

​The machine is made with dual resistance springs to challenge your abs and provide core strengthening.

Dual resistance is supposed to work your muscles on the way down and back up for maximum results.

It is designed to target your upper, middle, lower abs and obliques.

There is adjustable resistance to make it suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

It comes with a workout program which is quite simple and straight forward.

They include 2 half hour workout DVD's to guide you with your ab workout.

The workouts are split into 2 sessions, leading you through specific exercises that will tone, tighten and strengthen more than just your abs.

It hits your entire core and offers a full body workout routine.

I found the workouts are really pretty standard and are based on the usual moves that most folks should already be familiar with, including:

  • Crunches
  • Push-ups
  • Bridges
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Forearm and Biceps
  • Tricep extensions
  • Ab Tucks
  • Bicycling
wonder core moves

Once you pull the machine out, just play a DVD, choose and set your resistance level, then follow the routine on the video for 35 minutes.

The promise is that by following the routines along with their diet guide - you will attain a noticeable improvement in your muscle tone and also fat loss. 

What Else Comes With This Abs Machine?

They will send your more than just the Wonder Core workout machine. They have tried to bundle it with everything you would need to get started right away. 

  • Wonder Core Smart System machine
  • 2 DVD's, each with a 35 minute workout
  • Anti-slip Mat
  • ​Exercise and Nutrition Guide
  • User's Manual

Here Are The Pros and Cons:

I'm giving it to you straight... I found that the overall cons for this device do outweigh the pros.  

Coming up are what I have found are the best and worst features and benefits.


  • No assembly needed. Just pull it out of the box without any need to fiddle with putting parts together. Easy as pie!
  • Foldable for convenient storage. Stow it under your bed or in a closet.
  • ​It's only 21"Wide x 19" Long. Ideal to be used in small spaces like an apartment or condo.
  • ​Comes with DVD's to guide total novices on how to work their core properly plus other exercises.
  • Beginner friendly. Very easy to use. 
  • The diet guide help those looking to lose fat who might not have a clue about how to modify what they ear. 
  • Supports the lower back. A helpful device for people with lower back and also neck problems. 
  • Manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty is better than most other ab machine products (1 year is the norm)


  • You can do every exercise this machine helps you with without the need of a machine.
  • Diet program is not very in depth. Since you can't lose a lot of fat without a great diet plan, this will probably fail to help those of you who are looking to lose a lot of inches.
  • ​Unrealistic promise. The manufacturer claims: “double the workout in half the time”. Sorry - that is pure bull! The only thing that can do that is HIIT (high intensity interval training). Using this machine doesn't accomplish that.
  • ​Not suitable for large sized people! What I mean is that you can't be a big framed person - you just won't fit on the device!
  • ​People who weigh more than 250 lbs cannot use this.
  • ​About 6% of verified purchasers on amazon claimed it is poorly made or of poor quality.
  • ​3 year warranty does NOT apply if you choose the 5 payment installment plan.

Does The Wonder Core Smart System Really Work?

Well... Yes and No!

I firmly beleive that anyone with an advanced level of fitness would not be impressed by this gadget. ​

Although it does work (to some degree) I have to point out that I don't think you need this machine to do the exercises they suggest.

For example, where you would do push-ups with the Wonder Core, you are basically using your bodyweight to push the arms down with your body. Then on the way up, the Wonder Core is assisting you back by helping lift them up.

Doesn't that totally defeat the purpose of a push-up??!!!

As for using it for crunches...

So you will sit back on the arms of the machine after setting up the resistance. Next, you'll lean back on them to lower yourself towards the floor. The Wonder Core machine then helps you on the way back up.

I’m sorry, but this again just seems to totally defeat the purpose of a crunch because you are losing the negative resistance.

Now, this may help those of you with lower back problems to perform crunches when otherwise you would not be able to.

But, if you don't have a lower back issue, then I believe you would benefit much more from NOT using this machine to assist with crunches.

The only way I can say this machine is worthwhile is based entirely on the motivation factor.

If this makes it fun for you to work out and keeps you on track with exercising - then maybe it's worth it from that single perspective.

Will it help you tone your core 2x faster than doing the same exercises on their own? No way! ​

But if you need to use some sort of gadget or device to motivate you to workout your core - this isn't the worst option in the world.  At least it won't break or fall apart in a few months.

Since the Wonder Core is not expensive, it functions well, and only uses a small amount of space - it's worth it to buy if you'll love using it regularly.

Regular use means you'll be working out your core and getting results - eventually.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The overall rating by the reviewers on Amazon is 4.3 stars out of 5.

Although I personally feel this device is over-hyped, there are actually a lot of happy users based on the reviews I found.  

The only ones that I really trust are by "Verifed Purchaser" on amazon.com.

Out of 164 reviews, over 85% of them were highly positive with 66% of reviewers giving it a full 5 stars!  

That's actually impressive!

You can check out the reviews for yourself by clicking here:

What's the Best Source to Buy From?

Save yourself some hassles by checking out Amazon or another online retailer. Some feedback from those who had purchased this direct from their 1-800 number was that they made a big mistake! It was such a HASSLE.

The sales reps are very smooth and high pressure.

They will try to sell you on many extras -  like $25 for a pair of flimsy exercise bands.

You'll end up having 6 additional products pitched to you!  

So if you just want to buy the Wonder Core without being hassled, I'd suggest that you check it out on Amazon. They are all about customer satisfaction and assuring you are happy.

If you decide that you don't like it, you'll have a much easier time returning it and getting a full refund via Amazon.  Go there from here:

Wonder Core on Amazon.com