Weight Lifting For Women – 15 More Reasons Why You Should Do Strength Training

Why Women Should Lift Weights…

weight lifting womanStrength training is important to include along with exercising on your ab machine. Using weights (dumbbells, barbell or kettle-bells) is so incredibly beneficial for women for a huge list of reasons.

And since we already covered 7 good reasons – like burning more body fat, and boosting your metabolism – covered in our Weight Lifting Benefits for Women articlehere we’ll give you 15 more in case you weren’t yet motivated enough to try it!  So go through this list first, then pop over to: Weight Lifting Benefits for Women article


Here are 15 more reasons why lifting weights benefits ladies, too:

  1. You’ll feel more confident
  2. Your balance and coordination will improve
  3. You can wear skinny jeans and not have muffin top
  4. Once you start to see results, you’ll feel powerful and have improved self-esteem
  5. Your joints will become stronger
  6. Lowers the bad LDL cholesterol, and increases good HDL cholesterol levels
  7. It will make you stronger, and you’ll have better endurance
  8. Your mood will be enhanced and you’ll have a better feeling of overall well-being
  9. The risk of heart disease will be greatly reduced
  10. High Blood pressure will become more normalized
  11. Your risk of diabetes will be reduced
  12. You’ll have improved posture
  13. The risk of breast cancer will be reduced
  14. PMS symptoms will be diminished
  15. Your immune system will be strong so you’ll resist colds better

Adding strength training routines to your ab exercising and weight loss program as a part of a varied fitness regimen can provide you all of the benefits listed above, and more!

Curious about weight training? Check out this great video:

Fitness For Women – Weight Training Tips

There you have it…So are you ready to pick up some weights and pump a little iron? Give it a try!