Weight Lifting Benefits for Women

7 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights…

Lifting weights along with using an ab machine, is very important for women to burn fat faster, look younger & gain health benefits.

woman weightliftingEven though there are plenty of articles out there quoting study after study, and pointing out why training with weights is so important, too many women seem to still gravitate towards doing just the cardio workouts.

I hear some say they are worried about getting big muscles. Oh, Ladies… don’t be silly!!!

That will NEVER happen to you unless you purposely adopt a special routine and certain supplementation to force your muscles grow big. hulk woman

A woman’s body simply does not have enough testosterone to grow BIG muscles. I promise you, you’ll never come close to looking like a ‘hulk’ woman!

So wipe that thought out of your head!  Now start looking at all the benefits you are missing out on by not picking up some dumbbells.

You need to add muscle to your body so that:

1. Muscle tones & tightens your body plus adds definition to your physique.

You can create and sculpt attractive curves where you want them to be! Added muscle will also fight gravity, so for example, you’ll be less likely to have upper arm jiggle!

2. Having added muscle speeds up your metabolism.

A weight training session will also burn more calories after a workout than cardio exercise will.  After working out with weights, you will have extra calories burning for 2-3 hours.  You just can’t get that same after burn form cardio.

3. Having more muscle mass and less body fat will burn more calories during rest.

Yes, that means you will use up more calories during sleep or sitting on the couch and watching TV just by having more muscle mass.

4. You’ll lose more inches than weight.

Muscle has more density than fat, so a pound of fat takes up far fewer inches on your body than fat does. To illustrate this thought, picture your dinner plate covered in a pile of marshmallows stacked 3″ high. Now visualize the same dinner plate covered with a single layer of plain hamburger patties. The plate with the hamburger patties will weigh more than the plate of marshmallows, but it takes up less overall space/volume. Get it?

5. You’ll have more energy.

A recent study showed that weight training boosts mitochondrial activity ( the process of converting the chemical energy from food into a form that your body’s cells can use) to boost energy production. Who doesn’t want to have more energy? Training regularly with weights enables your cells’ mitochondria to produce energy more efficiently from the foods you eat. Simple science.

6. Weight training preserves the muscle lost due to aging.

Most of us will gain about 1 pound of fat every year between ages 30 to 60, and about a 1/2 pound of muscle is lost during that same time span. So that would make a total of 15 pounds of lost of muscle tissue and a 30-pound fat gain by the time you are 60!

7. Improved bone density to fight off osteoporosis.

Strength training is one of the best ways to break-proof your bones because lifting weights counteracts the bone loss associated with aging.  You can actually build back lost bone density by training with weights.

Before you Begin LifTing Weights

You should know a few things before you start so that you don’t give up too soon…

The first few times you pump a little bit of iron, you might feel like you’ve wasted your time. You’ll probably feel a little sore, but you won’t have seen any results and you likely won’t feel any different. But it WILL add up over time.

You need to trust in the process and just stick with it.

woman lifting weightsSoon enough, you’ll feel your energy levels will start to improve and you will begin to see a change in your appearance.

This awesome change will happen even sooner if you are eating clean and reducing your calories enough to drop the “marshmallow” layer covering up your toned, lean muscle.

Once you’ve built up enough new muscle, the easier it will be for your body to burn calories away.

You don’t even have to lift super heavy weights to see heavy duty results!

Start light and focus on your form. Once you find a weight too easy… say you can do 20 reps with little effort, you can increase it.  You need to keep your muscles challenged.  If you have no clue as to how to lift weights, I urge you to seek some advice.


Maintaining the proper form throughout the exercise is far more important than how heavy the weight is.

Do your body a favor and add a weight training routine into your exercise schedule. You’ll love the results for how you will look and how you’ll feel.