Turbo Fire Reviews – Will this Workout Work for You ?


The Turbo Fire Workout is the popular Beachbody cardio program created by Chalene Johnson, a renowned American fitness authority, and choreographer.

These days she’s been heating up the fitness world with her new PiYO workout, offered through Beachbody. With PiYO there are no jumping exercises and more focus on muscle sculpting (learn more here).

Prior to those exercise programs, Charlene came out with the popular Turbo Jam DVD set back in 2005.

The updated version of Turbo Jam is TurboFire. It’s a more aggressive fitness regime that’s also part of the Beachbody family of workouts (known for the Insanity and P90x series).

These are all part of a category that Beachbody calls: Extreme Results Fitness Programs; designed to get you fit and ripped in the least amount of time.


This latest installment of Turbo workout has gotten rave reviews from both pro trainers and regular folks too, which is no surprise given the success and popularity of  Chalene’e previous programs.


Getting to the Nitty Gritty!

What I will do is go through and break out all the different parts of this program so you will not only know exactly what it comes with, but also what you may or may not like about it.

One crucial point that I really want to hammer home into your brains is this:

It’s important to latch onto an exercise plan that works with your personality.

There has to be the right appeal so that you’re more likely to stick with the program than not. You just need one where you will stay the course.

To do it week after week and work out consistently for 90 days. After that, there’s a better chance for fitness to become a regular habit and an integral part of your life.

That’s really the exercise program that will work for you – or anyone – in the long run.

So don’t wonder if this program it works or not – because it does, as do many others.

But this one will only work for you if it’s the right match to you and your personality. Keep that point in the foremost of your mind as you review this product.


What to Expect From Turbo Fire?

If you haven’t exercised in quite some time – or ever at all – expect to get out of breath and a little winded thanks to the speed of the workouts. Its called TURBO for a reason!

Although they are really fast paced and do involve quick transitions, take heart in knowing that the actual moves are really not that complicated. Plus I think it’s really great that she includes modified ways of doing the workout if you are a newbie or just not at the level to do the workouts at full speed.

What if I Can’t do High Impact Exercises?

Chalene is a smart cookie to have included a modifier for each exercise so that you can still do it with intensity but at a low impact. This makes it an ideal workout for anyone with health conditions precluding them from raising their heart rates up past a certain point (pregnancy or heart condition) or even those of you who are new to exercise and simply can’t handle such a fast paced workout yet.

If you are not a dancer or very coordinated – don’t worry!

Chalene uses moves which are quite easy to grasp.

Most likely, you have already done some of them in a fitness class before – only these will have her own added twist.

Just take some time, in the beginning, to allow yourself to learn and get the hang of the steps before getting into the main part of the workouts.

That way you should have an easier time getting the hang of things.

Since there are many fun dance-like moves used in this program, they will help you to also improve your overall flexibility, coordination, and balance along with endurance.

You can mix up the different categories to vary your workout and maximize the effect.


How You’ll Benefit from TurboFire Overall

afterburn_HIITThis is program centered on the strategic use of HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, which works to  get you the maximum caloric burn in the shortest amount of time.

Chalene likes to use HIIT training because it is proven to burn up to 9 times more fat than the usual cardio methods.

This is due to the afterburn effect of HIIT – meaning the continued burning of calories taking place after your workout is over.

Countless studies have proven that HIIT is extremely effective at igniting your metabolism in a way that regular cardio just can’t. This is why Chalene uses it combined with fun moves.

The 90 Day Program – Done in 3 Segments

Each segment is around a month long and will increase in intensity. It makes perfect sense that you are eased into a new workout program especially if you’ve pretty much been a non-exerciser up until this point.

So with the first phase, the workouts are the easier – although it may not feel that way at all if you are totally out of shape!

Once you have progressed into the second phase, she will have you focus on more of the strength training type workouts.

This will also prepare you for the final segment.

The last phase pushes you through some really intense HIIT cardio workouts with strength training to round out and finish the program.

Categories used within the 3 Segments

Not to complicate things or confuse you, but the Turbo Fire workouts are also grouped categories:

  1. Low HIIT
  2. Fire HIIT
  3. Extreme HIIT
  4. Stretch
  5. Abs

The Fire workouts last from 30 to 55 minutes in length and include moves like kickboxing style kicks with a little bit of a dance groove mixed in.  There’s also a special class at the beginning when you are starting out to learn the choreography and terms she used all throughout the Turbo Fire series.

I highly recommend you start with that one if you are brand new to Turbo Fire or Kickboxing in general. I’ll address this a bit more further down in this article.

Trust me when I tell you that it’s way better to learn the moves ahead of time instead of trying to figure them out as you go along.

Otherwise, you’ll end up like me –  missing out on too much of the actual workout itself during some crucial sections of the workout!

That can easily happen because Chalene uses quick changeovers during the workouts and if you get lost, it will be tough to catch up.

The HIIT workouts are shorter but much more intense.

That’s entirely the point!  The premise for HIIT is to work out using maximum intensity for a very short duration, rest, then cycle through again.

Many of the best fat burning cardio programs offered by the Beachbody family of workouts use HIIT in their program because they work.  Plain and simple!

The Stretch workouts are just what it sounds like.  To improve your flexibility, Chalene with show you how to stretch correctly and cool down. This will also help to reduce soreness.

turbo fire dvds

Breakdown of Each Class:

Fire Starter Class

The Fire Starter Class will help to ease you into the moves that you will use during the HIIT workouts. Here is where Chalene breaks down each move and performs it at a slower pace so you can clearly see how to do it. This way you won’t get overwhelmed when the workouts speed up.

Low HIITS 20

You get a 20 minute long, high intensity workout but by using low-impact moves. A great way to get started build yourself up towards the Fire and Extreme HIITs workouts

Low HIITS 25

Another low-impact but high intensity workout which lasts 25 minutes.  Short on time, low on impact but still gives you a high amount of fat burning cardio.

Fire HIITS 30

You are probably seeing a pattern with the numbers. It is directly indicates the length of the workout in minutes. So this one 30 minutes long and is full of fun, upbeat music to help get you through the half hour session. It’s tough but not to the point that you’ll feel as though you are dying by the time you are done.

Fire HIITS 40
This workout is actually one of the more difficult ones. It’s fairly long and includes plenty of her “Fire Drills” to get your heart rate up. But the tunes are really great if you like pop music.

Fire HIITS 45
An added 5 minutes which cranks up the challenge just a little bit more

Fire HIITS 55 
This workout is the longest and includes interval segments and straight cardio portions as well.


All the Extreme HIIT classes use the 1 minute long intervals of high intensity. This one is the shortest overall workouts at 15 minutes long.

But don’t worry, it might still feel like it’s the longest 15 minutes of your life.  Once you’ve done it a number of times, it gets much easier.

You will go through the one minute HIIT intervals repeatedly throughout this workout and will not believe how high you can get your heart rate in only 15 minutes.

In this DVD there are a total of seven of the “Fire Drills”. The workout will get you sweating pretty quick even though it is still considered short at only 20 minutes long, you can can be sure that you’re still going to feel like you got an amazing cardio workout done.

This workout is already tough but some opt to crank it up and add intensity by using weighted gloves. You will need to buy your own weighted gloves separately (on the TuboFire/Beachbody shopping page or on your own) if you decide you want to rise to that level, but they are not necessary to succeed with the program. However, they will help you to improve your strength.

Stretch 10

Here you will learn how to properly perform and to use the best stretching moves. You really should do the Stretch 10 every day after completing your main HIIT or Fire workout. This will not only help you to cool down your body, but it will also improve your flexibility and reduce soreness.

Abs 10 Class

The Abs 10 Class is a bonus workout included when you purchase the Turbo Fire program. It’s around 10 minutes of abdominal work to focus on toning your ab muscles and strengthen your core. You can add it in after any of the daily workouts with Turbo Fire or just do it on its own on a rest day from the HIIT or Fire workouts.

The Class Schedule

The Turbo Fire Class Schedule helps to guide you through the program and let you know what workouts to do on each day of the week. by following it, you’ll be working out 6 days a week and your rest day will be on the Wednesday. If you expect to get maximum results from this program, you’ll need to stick with the class schedule and avoid missing workouts.


Pros and Cons of Turbo Fire

This program has many more pros than cons but, in order to make this a fair review, it is best to take a good look both sides:


  • Workouts have upbeat tunes and some of the most popular pop hits in the 2000’s and going back to the 1980’s as well.
  • Anyone, regardless of fitness level, weight and/or fitness background, can do this program with the help of the modifiers in each of the workouts.
  • The interval training helps you burn calories and fat in a shorter amount of time than if you got a cardio workout on a gym machine or standard, non-HIIT fitness class.
  • No need to go to the gym, you can workout at home with little to no equipment
  • Take the DVD’s when you go on vacation to stay on track.
  • A handy & thorough nutritional guide comes with program which even includes a shopping list to make it easier you to eat healthier. Plus you’ll know exactly what to buy to get started making those healthy recipes.
  • The program is a comprehensive cardio, core/ab training and stretching program you can do daily.


  • The program is not for anyone who hates any kind of choreography.
  • If you dislike fast paced, pop music – you’re not going to like this.
  • If you don’t like Chalene’s personality, you probably won’t like working out with her.
  • If you dislike doing kickboxing style moves, this is not for you.
  • If you want to build muscle and gain mass, this is definitely not the program for you because it doesn’t include weight training.
  • If you consider yourself to be in really good shape, you may want to opt for a program such as Insanity (more intense cardio) or P90X (includes strength training).


Summary of Turbo Fire’s Benefits:

  1. Improves overall fitness in a short amount of time
  2. Primary focus is on cardio health and improved fitness
  3. Also improves your mental strength, coordination, and concentration
  4. No equipment is required
  5. Workout options range from 10 to 55 minutes long, so you can fit it into your day
  6. Comes with 2 Low Impact exercise routines
  7. 12 different fitness routines in total offers a good variety
  8. 20 high energy music remixes keep you motivated and going
  9. It comes with a daily calendar/schedule and nutrition guide
  10. You’ll have 24 hour, 7 days a week support from their online team and community


Bottom Line: Is the Turbo Fire Workout Program for You?ChaleneJohnson_TurboFire

From a technical perspective, this workout can be for just about anyone looking to use it as a part of a weekly fitness routine.

If Chalene’s personality and her Turbo Fire program appeals to you, it’s an excellent way for you to get your cardio workout in.

Overall, this program seems to fit in between the likes of Turbo Jam and Insanity. It is certainly more intense than Turbo Jam but not as difficult as Insanity.

If you are a beginner to exercise and want to ease into Turbo Fire, the low impact exercises are a great way to start exercising. They will make it more likely for you to be able to complete the workouts. Once you can get through those with relative ease you can do the program once again at full speed and see even better results.

Regardless of how big or small your fitness or weight loss goals are, you will need to incorporate some cardio workouts into your fitness regime.

You simply won’t get a lean and firm body without doing any cardio at all.  I know that really sucks if you hate to do cardio (like me!) but it is a must do.  Not just for fat loss, but for your general well being.

If you want to avoid being too fat & sick when you get old – then do at least 60 minutes in total of HIIT cardio each week. Do Turbo Fire for at least 3 days per week so that you get your heart rate up enough to improve your health and keep the calories off.  Do it for 5-6 days a week and you’ll lose fat as well as become fit and healthier.


Start it Even Before it Arrives to your Door!

Once you place and complete your order, you don’t have to wait for your package to arrive. You can actually get started by logging in online and stream your first starter class online right away.

Where to Buy Turbo Fire and Get the Best Deal?

You can certainly hunt around the web to see if you can get a better price than what’s offered on the official Beachbody product page.

Although you can sometimes buy it on Amazon finding there at a lower price can be hit and miss.

In any case, it’s worth checking Amazon and possibly save a few bucks, as they are a reputable online source for this sort of product. Be sure to buy the one which states: “Sold by Beachbody and Fulfilled by Amazon”.