PiYo Review – Will this Beachbody Workout Work for You ?

Chalene Johnson, a renowned fitness authority has heated up the fitness world with her PiYO workout. Just like Turbo Fire, her PiYO program is offered through Beachbody.

With PiYO there's a departure from the typical jumping exercises with most cardio programs.

This workout is a whole-body combo of Pilates and yoga type moves with the focus on muscle sculpting.

It's an 8 week fitness program with workouts that range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes long.

There is also a Get Lean nutrition program to help users lose fat.

How PiYO Works

PiYo trains you with daily exercise videos and a balanced nutrition plan to whip you into shape and help you lose fat.

The DVD program comes with a large wall calendar, with an easy to see daily exercise plan. The schedule alternates between seven video classes.

PiYo's shortest video is only 19 minutes long with the longest one running 48 minutes.

There are 7 workout videos which are repeated over the 8 week program.

All of the workout videos get you to boost your heart rate while also toning your muscles, and working on your flexibility.

No special equipment is required, but exercise mat would be advisable. A good mat is especially helpful while doing exercises that touch your knees to the floor.

The PiYO Get Lean Eating Plan is designed to follow portion sizes instead of calorie counting. This is what we often see with other Beachbody workout programs.

Most Beachbody nutrtion guides typically direct you to eat certain food types in a certain ratio (like lots of vegetables with little fats) to maximize your energy while also triggering weight loss.

What People Like Most about PiYO

It's not boring - Chalene keeps you moving. So don't think that this is a lot of yoga posing. So this program is a great option for anyone who doesn’t really want the stillness aspect of a yoga routine. You'd like to improve your flexibility without having to hold any poses for long periods of time. 

With PiYO, you get choreographed moves that also incorporate stretching. It's high energy but low impact. There's no jumping or weight lifting. PiYo is gentle on your joints.

You don't get bored because she keeps you moving with dance-like progressions.

Positive approach -  Chalene Johnson takes the encouraging approach to coaching instead of being like a “drill sergeant.” Alongside Chalene are men and women working out along side of her who also show exercise modifications.

Quick fat loss and body sculpting. PiYo can bring dramatic results to your body in 8 weeks if you commit to the exercise plan along with the diet.

Almost no equipment needed -  A yoga mat, cross training shoes and workout clothes are all you'll need to do PiYo.

Get it online & on DVD - You have the option of buying PiYo as a DVD set or you can stream the videos anytime by signing up with Beachbody On Demand.

60 Day Satisfaction guarantee - Within 60 days, you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.

Free trial of streaming fitness videos - Get a 14-day free trial when you sign up for Beachbody on Demand.

What People Like Least about PiYO

Some of the workouts are SHORT - While it can be a great thing when you’re short on time and want to squeeze in a quick workout, many people find they'd like a longer workout from the low-impact strength/flexibility combos. 

Only great for intermediate level - PiYo might be too hard for a total beginner and just too easy for you if you are already in great shape.

Lack of cardio. Some of the workouts (Drench, Sweat, Buns and Sweat Intervals) incorporated cardio aspects, but on the Upper, Lower, and Core days (which are all short workouts), I liked adding in a bit of additional cardio. 

Advertisements -  The workout DVD's show occasional ads for Beachbody products which can be briefly annoying.

Meal guide is basic. If you're already a healthy eater, the Get Lean Eating Guide is might too basic and is not going to be anything new. The guide explains how to balance foods to maximize calorie loss without feeling deprived. It helps you to calculate the daily serving of protein, carbs, etc. that fit your body size and fitness goal.

Who is the PiYO Workout For?

PiYo is best suited to the following people:

Those who are not totally new to working out and are looking for a simple low-impact program.

Someone who's been working out for a while and wants to add variety to their workouts by trying out yoga and Pilates moves.

Almost anyone looking to avoid high-impact exercises and/or want to improve strength without strains.

People wanting to lose fat fast but do not want to go to extremes to achieve that.

Generally, PiYo is an effective workout for you if you want to improve your:

  • flexibility
  • posture
  • strength
  • breathing
If this sounds like a good workout routine for you, you might want to order it from Beachbody now.