Lifeline Power Wheel – Ab Wheel Review

Lifeline power wheel review

If you've already had the chance to look around this site at some of my other reviews,  you might have seen my write up for the Ab Carver Pro wheel.

I'm a big fan of that specific ab wheel for its superior design, high quality and becasue it provides both simple and effective abdominal training.

Plus, it is VERY affordable.

Although the Ab Carver Pro is the best selling ab wheel on the market right now, the Lifeline Power Wheel might be even better for the advanced set.

The reason I say this is simply due to one specific feature, giving the user one main advantage over other ab wheels.

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​Lifeline Power Wheel's Main Advantage

What I really like about this abs gadget is that it comes with a nifty foot pedal to allow for many more types of exercises.

Yup - that's it... foot pedals!

For a few bucks more than the Ab Carver Pro, the Lifeline Power Wheel can offer you some greater versatility, just because of that pedal.

With exercise options that range from mild to wild, this is especially perfect for users at advanced fitness levels.

In my humble opinion, this simple and inexpensive piece of fitness equipment is among the most powerful things for you to have in your home gym arsenal to work the entire core. 

I just don't see why you wouldn't have one of these or an Ab Carver if you are serious about your six pack!​

​By training with one of these specialized ab wheels, you can effectively work your core muscles with both upper body exercises, and also lower body ones as well.

This obviously means you will be hitting your entire abdominal muscle area.

As a matter of fact, it will work out almost all of your body. You'll feel and see the toning effects on your arms, chest, hamstrings and calves.

But mainly it will strengthen and tone your core, including:

  • abs
  • lower back
  • obliques
  • glutes
  • hips

And it will even do some secondary toning and muscle conditioning to your shoulders, arms, chest and legs.

8 Most Positive Features:

  • Grips are covered with soft foam making usage both safe & more comfortable.
  • The large wheel is extremely smooth and rolls on almost any kind of floor surface.
  • The wheel diameter is much larger than normal wheels making it better to use.
  • Can be rolled in any direction which allows you to work your core from any angle.
  • The foot pedal ads tremendous versatilty by increasing the number of exercises you can perform.
  • Engages your stabilizer muscles during upper & lower body moves.
  • Comes with a DVD to guide your workouts.
  • Heavy duty construction, desinged to last your for many years.

What are the Negatives?

Nothing is perfect, so here are some points which are the cons to consider before you decide if this product is right for you:

  • Hard to use for beginners with weak abs. This is better for the moderate to very advanced user.
  • Doesn't come with an instruction or assembly manual. Users must pull that info from manufacturer web site.
  • Strapping for the feet is too short to fit anyone with a large shoe size (mens size 13 ).
  • Some people with large hands find the hand grips too thin and too small to maintain enough of a good grip.
  • The DVD only provides you with basic moves. You need to go online where there are many good videos to follow.
  • Price is about $15 to $20 more than the Ab Carver Pro. Even though this wheel is more versatile, the Ab Carver Pro is far more stable and has way better hand grips.

Customer Reviews

This ab wheel comes in with a lot of 5 star ratings from verified purchasers on Amazon. At the time of this writing, there were 289 customer reviews with 70% giving it the full 5 stars and 20% giving it 4.

That is impressive.

Read over 330+ reviews posted here: Lifeline Power Wheel reviews

Final Thoughts and the Bottom Line:

To sum things up, the Lifeline Power Wheel is an exceptional piece of core training equipment which has a large number of users to build an awesome midsection. 

Even though it is more expensive than other ab wheels, it is a FAR better value than buying a basic, cheapo ab wheel.

But if you don't think you will ever use the foot pedals, or if you are a total beginner with very weak abs - get an Ab Carver Pro to start off with.

If you buy the Lifeline Power Wheel through you won't have to pay for shipping and you are also protected by their generous refund policy.

The choice is yours... but PLEASE... just stay away from buying junk!