Flex Belt Review – Is This Ab Belt Any Good ?

This Flex Belt review is to determine if the leading ab belt on the market really deserves to be on top. First, let me point out that there have been more than 2 million of them sold during the past 15 years. Wow!

But I still want to know...

Can The Flex Belt really be the Easy Way to Awesome Abs?

To really be able to answer this question, I had to go through a lot of searching and data sorting! So there is a fair bit to share with you here.

First of all, I'll quickly explain the EMS technology used in making this ab belt.

After that, I'll go through:

  • Is it safe for all to use?
  • Who's this best suited to?
  • What does it feel like when using it? (watch the video)
  • What are thePro's and Con's?
  • What comes in the box and pricing?
  • Whatfeedback Flex Belt users have shared?
  • Where to buy for the best price
  • How to get the lowest discount deal possible online

By the end of all this, yoube informed well enough to decide if this product could be for you or not - and how you can get a deep discount!

What is the Flex Belt and EMS?

how flex belt works

Flex Belt uses EMS - which stands for electrical muscle stimulation - a technology which has been used by the medical community for decades.

This technology has been used for almost 30 years in the physical therapy industry to treat muscle problems.

The makers of the Flex Belt were the first to use EMS in a belt for the midsection.

What you do is wear the belt against your naked skin, allowing electrical waves to contract and relax muscles by delivering low level electronic signals through the medical grade gel pads.

Those signals from will extend to the nerves which branch out throughout the abdominal muscles and work them all at the same time.

And this will go on to effect some of the area outside the section covered by the gel pads.

How Safe is a Flex Belt to Use?

In a word, yes. The makers of Flex Belt are actually a longtime medical device company called Bio-Medical Research Ltd based in Ireland.

They boast over 40 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of both medical and consumer use EMS devices. Their products have been put to work in more than 5000 clinics around the world. So it would seem that they have some credibility.

The Flex Belt was designed using medical-grade technology and has been cleared by the FDA, as a class II medical device.

All that means is that it's held to a higher level of assurance than Class I devices, and are designed to perform as indicated without causing injury or harm to patient or user.

However, please note that any person with a pacemaker, heart disease, palpitations or arrhythmia should not use electronic muscle stimulation devices.

Who is the Flex Belt Best Suited To?

This is a product that is suitable for almost anyone because it offers a range of programs and settings.

It can be used on the lower intensity levels by anyone who has never done any exercise, or for those who are recovering from injuries.

But it is also a useful addition for people who DO workout and want a boost to their ab training.

Since the advanced intensity level goes up to 150, even professional athletes find it challenging and can use this belt.

It’s also a popular product with those suffering from lower back pain, to ease the soreness and rehabilitate the area.

It should be obvious that if you're pregnant you should NOT use this.

But you can use it to tighten up your abdominal area 6 weeks after a natural birth or 3 months after a cesarean birth (need to let the scar tissue heal first).

What Does the EMS Sensation Feel Like?

This is what everyone wants to know! The actual gel pads are a bit cold and sticky feeling at first.

When you turn it on, the sensation of electrical currents traveling through the nerves and contracting the muscles is strange at first. Although I do find the mild twinges and twitches kind of pleasant.

If you crank it up on too high of an intensity level, it can become prickly and even painful.

There's no need to operate this at a level causing discomfort.

Just keep increasing it gently over the course of each week. The average person can go from level 20 to level 75 in as little as 6 weeks.

See it in Action...

The video below is over 7 minutes long BUT if you slide on over to the 3:15 mark, you will see the belt, pad & controller up close; how to put it on and best of all... watch it work!

Check it out and see what an already fit guy has to say about it:

See hot deals for the Flex Belt here: Amazon.com

What are some Pro's for The Flex Belt?

  • Fast, safe and effective way to work all your ab muscles
  • Easy to use, newbie program to help you get the best out of it
  • Short 30 minute sessions
  • Stronger core will help to improve your posture
  • Use it while you do other things (housework, watching TV, exercise)
  • Hits those hard to reach abdominal and oblique muscles all at once
  • Eliminates back and neck strains from doing crunches
  • Can be used by those who can't exercise
  • Helps back pain sufferers
  • Great for non-exercisers and expert athletes too
  • FDA cleared as safe
  • High quality medical-grade compound used for the EMS pads

Are there any Con's?

  • Some people have found it too expensive cannot afford to buy it
  • Gel pads will lose the ability to stick and over time will need to be replaced (about $15 for new ones)
  • It does NOT make you a fitter person in general - you need to exercise for heart health
  • It’s not a weight loss tool, it’s a core strengthening and conditioning tool
  • If you have a lot of abdominal fat, you need to lose belly fat by other means to show a 6-pack

Here's How to Get the Most out of Your Flex Belt!

These tips and tricks will help you maximize the benefits of using your Flex Belt:

  1. Exfoliate your abs area with a dry brush or loofah before the session to remove dead skin- allows for better adhesion and more effective workout
  2. Best to place the pads on either side, between the hips and ribs, and one above your belly button
  3. Start with the highest intensity you can, then turn it up a little every five minutes if you can
  4. If you can handle it, try doing some planks or crunches straight after the session for an extra blast!
  5. Walk or do some other cardio exercises while wearing your Flex Belt
  6. Don't do more than one Flex Belt session in one day. And make sure to take a rest from it every 2 to 3 days to allow for muscle recovery
  7. Extend the gel pads life by wiping with some hand sanitizer after each use
  8. Store and cover gel pads with their plastic covers right after cleaning them to make them last
  9. Change your diet to reduce belly fat so you can see the results of your Flex Belt
  10. In between ab belt days, do somehigh intensity cardio exercise for 20-30 minutes to burn fat like the Insanity workout or Turbo Fire

What’s Comes In The Box And Setting It Up

Your Flex Belt will come with the following:

flex belt unboxed
  • The main Belt
  • A belt extender if your wait is more than 44"
  • LCD remote and batteries
  • Set of Gel pads
  • AC adaptor
  • Operating manual
  • Travel bag

The operation manual with help you to get started. But it's pretty easy and straightforward to figure out. You just charge the LCD remote, wrap the belt around your waist and tighten using the Velcro tabs.

Next, you position the gel pads, plug the remote into the side of the belt, flip on the power button, and select your intensity or pre-programmed workout.

Flex Belt controller
There are arrow buttons allowing you to decrease and increase the intensity of the electronic stimulation, ranging from 1 to 150.

You can also choose from one of the 10 pre-designed programs by hitting the "P" button. A timer on the display showsyou how long you’ve got left in your workout.

It's nice to have the set programs if you want a set plan to follow. Just follow the instructions included in the guide book on how to best use the programs.

You can also opt to freestyle your workouts and skip the programs for just some, or even all of the workouts. But it's nice to have the option of using it either way.

Bottom line… Does the Flex Belt Work?

Yes it does. You should measure yourself when you start to track how many inches you lose.

If you have been dieting and exercising as well, you might lose several inches in just 6 weeks.

However, you WILL NOT get that much of a result by exclusively using the Flex Belt.

The smarter play is when it is used in conjunction with an added fitness routine and eating plan. That is how you can achieve outstanding results in the shortest amount of time.

Also, when you buy directly from Flex Belt, you will get access to their diet plan.

Where do You Get the Best Price or Online Deal?

You can go directly to the Official Flex Belt page to buy online for $199.99, but there are other ways to get it for less.

Often, you will find really great prices on Amazon where it sells for less.

In fact, these days that's usually where I find the best deal for many items. You can also check out Ebay, just be very careful shopping for this item there because of the threat that you could end up with a fake.

Some Closing Thoughts to Consider

You need to keep in mind that this product will only target your abs and does not provide you with overall fitness. If you really want to lose fat, you should do some form of exercise to work your body all over.

But if you really need help to tone and strengthen your mid-section -this is a really great product to help you achieve that quickly.

Also... choosing thishigh quality product means getting longer lasting gel pads due to their superior gel compound. That will actually save you money in the long run over buying a cheaper brand of ab belt.

If you can afford The Flex Belt – I say go for it and take advantage of focussed intensity to your abs area.

What Actual Users have Said:

There are hundreds of Flex Belt reviews posted all over the net and you can see hundreds more on Amazon.

Here are just a few to share with you from sources other than Amazon:

“You can get really, really awesome results from the Flex Belt.” Sam Riley, YouTube.com reviewer

“Flex Belt has proved to be the best device that you were looking for making the kind of abs you want even in the presence of several other similar devices in the market.” Flex Beltreviews101.com

“There is not a single mention on the flex belt official website that you will lose weight. It does what they promise it does and does it better than any other ab belt.” Marcel Baine, online reviewer