Does a Waist Trimmer Belt Really Work?

ab trimmer belt

So you are having a hard time getting rid of stubborn belly fat, and want to know if you can spot treat that area with one of these belts?

After all, this often is the most difficult area of your body to trim away excess fat.

Usually the last place to lose the final inches when other areas have already burned away the extra padding.

Using a waist trimmer belt appears to be one possible solution to that problem, but...

Does using one really work to melt off the fat?

Let's dig in, pick this thing apart and find out the truth, right here!

Can You Spot Reduce Your Belly Area?

It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago when I was in a weight lifting class in college where it was taught that spot trimming doesn’t work.

They explained that you needed to exercise your ENTIRE body and that if you did so, your stubborn areas would shrink away in the process.

It appears, however, that this might not be the best advice.

Something else that I learned in college was to become a critical thinker.

It was explicitly taught that you should not instantly believe everything you read or hear. Instead, you should do your research to discover the truth for yourself.

So that is what I did here...

Waist trimmer belts are designed to go over your torso, or midsection, of your body. The idea is to retain body heat while making you sweat – at the same time physically shaping your midsection to be a little more upright.

It seems to kind of make sense...  

Just look at celebrities and bodybuilders - they can achieve the results you’re looking for, so why can’t you?

What are they doing that you don’t know about?

Whether or not they use waist trimmer belts doesn’t really matter.

The question is: Do waist trimmer belts actually work well enough to invest the time and money?

There are all sorts of credible people, doctors included, that will tell you that waist trimmer belts don’t really work.

In theory, they shouldn’t work.

I mean, strapping a piece of rubber around your midsection to melt fat away doesn’t sound like good medical science.

Here’s a good question: if waist belt trimmers don’t work, then what are saunas for?

See, here’s how it works:

These belts are usually made of neoprene rubber, which is a synthetic material. It doesn’t breathe.

You strap it around your waist and it traps the heat in, much like a sauna does.

Much like a sauna, it causes you to sweat more.

Your body has to work a little harder to keep the temperature down. That’s where the weight loss comes in.

It’s like strapping on a heating pad, except you using your natural body heat to be the heat pad.

It doesn’t matter how tight you wear it – it’s not designed to “squeeze” fat out!

It is designed to increase your body heat so that you sweat more. What matters is that you have it on and that it’s comfortable.

Let’s put to rest one more myth about waist trimmer belts.

The other claim is that the only weight you’re losing is water weight. They’re insinuating that if you use the belt to lose weight, you will gain all the weight back the instant you drink a single glass of water.

This is NOT true.

It can’t be true – you’re actually putting your torso through a workout using physics, or heat.

You will burn calories as your body attempts to lower your body temperature. It is the exact same effect as if you were in a heated sauna.

You will sweat more.

And just like when a sauna is used, you can lose weight.

TNT Waist Trimmer Ab Belt and the Veluxio Waist Trimmer Belt

We looked at and tested two of the best waist trimmer belts so that we can discover for ourselves how they worked.

Now before we go too far, let me just point something out...

These things are not multi-million-dollar contraptions!

They are simple rubber belts.

They don’t require nuts, or bolts, or screws of any kind.

They use Velcro!!!

I mention this because these things are incredibly affordable for what they do for fat loss.

Among the common waist trimming belts, people inherently expect some issues. One of the things they look for or expect, is whether the belt stays in place or curls.

They’re talking about the top edge of the belt and the bottom edge of the belt.

When your body is moving—whether you are vacuuming the house, riding a bicycle, or involved in a heavy-duty workout—the belts tend to curl outward.

While this may be a minor problem, the root of it is due to people putting the belt on way too tight.

You’re not supposed to wear the super tight, cutting off circulation.

They are designed to fit comfortably around your waist and be just tight enough to stay in place.

It is the material that it is constructed out of – the neoprene – that holds the heat in, raising your body temperature and causing you to sweat. Not how tight you wear it.

What to Expect & How They Work

When we put either these two neoprene waist trimmers on, we expected them to do their job.

It doesn’t take long for your body to heat up to the point where you’re sweating.

In fact, if you’re one of those people that don’t sweat very often you may be quite surprised.

We even found that if we held still long enough we still got soaked in sweat. While neoprene is designed to stretch to a point, these belts are not intended to act as a tourniquet.

It is highly recommended that you measure your waist before you buy a belt.

There’s a reason these belts are sold in different sizes.

It is supposed to accommodate you in such a way that once you put it on, it will stay in place within reason. If you’re trying to move it, of course and it may slip and fall off.

Within reason means that you behave in such a way as if you are acting like it wasn’t there.

The Velcro is incredibly strong, and the belts are not incredibly stiff.

It doesn’t take much for it to stay in place.

Within 20 minutes of using either one of these waist slimmer belts, we were sweating profusely.

We expected this, and we brought extra T-shirts just to try it out. Needlessly to say, we were impressed how easy it was to work up a sweat.

You can work up a sweat within five minutes if your body is moving.

Even if you are holding still, you would still work up a sweat – it would just take a little longer.

And we were in an air-conditioned environment, too.

These belts trap heat like you wouldn’t believe and can also be used along with a thermogenic heating gel, like Sweet Sweat to boost the fat melting powers and sauna effect.

What Others Have Said

A lot of controversy surrounds it waste slimming belts. There are those who say “what a waste of money,” while others swear by it.

What I found across the board is pretty consistent.

Those who haven’t bothered to even try wearing it considered them a waste of money.  

Those who had ACTUALLY tried one really enjoyed the ease of wearing one and their fantastic results – especially for the low price.

What other device can you buy for under $30 that it enables you to lose weight without any extra work?

What to Watch Out For

The best advice anyone can give you when deciding on or selecting a slimming belt is this: measure your torso before you buy.

There are people who find that the belts wrap around them one and a half times while others have to struggle just to get it to fit.

When using a waist trimmer, take some measuring tape, wrap it around the widest part of your torso, and write it down before you buy.

It’s not supposed to be incredibly tight – at the same time it’s not intended to be extremely loose.

It’s supposed to be comfortably snug.

Buying Advice

Previous versions of waste trimming belts were made of a material other than neoprene. These have caused discomfort for several people.

However, I have not found anyone who claims neoprene does this.

In fact, I found the exact opposite!

Neoprene is the one material that doesn’t irritate the skin.

In any case, you need to buy from a reputable retailer with a world-class customer service team who holds their merchants responsible and allows you to return their products. Amazon is the only one that fits the bill.


They say garbage in, garbage out. Watch what you eat, exercise well, and you will get the body you want.

This is true.

Truthfully, the ab belt will not magically slim you down 10 pounds per day until you get a celebrity body.

But what these belts WILL do is help you in your workout efforts by:

  • Making you sweat a lot more
  • Force your body to work harder to keep cool

Any way you cut it, that’s burning calories without any effort.

If you want one, you can get yours here:  Best Selling Waist Trimmer Belts