Bowflex SelectTech 552 Review

bowflex 552 dumb bells

Are the ​Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells 552 Worth Buying?

The Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells 552 are being marketed as the best-selling adjustable dumbbells online. They certainly seem to offer unique and uncommon benefits. Are the claims justified? 

Fact: Dumbbells are nothing new!!!

They are a time-tested, portable workout tool seen in every reputable gym around the world. There are so many different exercises and uses for them that it would be difficult to imagine a substantial workout without them.

If you want to have a home gym - even just a minimal one - owning dumbbells is a MUST!​

Plus any advanced core & abdominal workout should include weighted exercises using dumbbells for added resistance!​

The Bowflex 552 dumbbells where designed to drastically improve the user's experience from using the common dumbbell.

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells Advantage​

Traditionally, you need to have an entire rack of dumbbells lined up against the wall, each one a different weight, providing the variety necessary for an effective workout.

The set of dumbbells on the rack pictured above = 40" Wide x 30" High x 20" Deep

The upfront cost to accommodate a full rack could easily reach over $1000.

Bowflex aimed to change all that, especially in the home gym setting.

Many people, even avid trainers, might not use the all the dumbbells on the rack over its lifetime to justify the cost of buying a full set.

Plus they take up a bunch of space.

The Bowflex dumbbells combine the entire rack into one, easy-to-use design.

These don't take up as much space plus they make working out much more efficient.

One of the keys to an adequate workout is timing.

If you take too much time making adjustments to your machinery or choosing another size dumbbell, you are increasing your cool down time.

With the Bowflex 552 dumbbell system, you don't even eed to get up from the bench.

Right then and there, you can turn a dial on the side to make your dumbbell slightly heavier.

Each step of the dial will increase the weight by 2.5lb increments. That feature alone saves time.

This product also keeps more cash in your wallet because you are not required to buy an entire rack of dumbbells to accommodate your workout.

Who is Bowflex?

Nautilus Inc. owns Bowflex. Located in America, they are the parent company of four very well-known brands—Bowflex being one of them.

They also make equipment under the names: Nautilus, Schwinn, and Universal.

Named the healthiest company three years in a row, they know what it takes to make a really fine machine.

Schwinn alone is one of the most famous bicycle companies, and we are all aware how elaborate the precise engineering on them must be.

Nautilus creates some of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use commercial fitness machines seen in high-end gyms.

Don’t expect anything less from their Bowflex brand.

They have a history of precise engineering and delivering quality results.

Are These Really Worth the Money?

Some people have argued that the Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells are a little pricey for adjustable dumbbells. However, the price is relative to overall value.

By comparing the cost to an entire set you may see at a commercial gym—this is exactly what these do—the price for a pair is really saving you a bunch of money. As in,  $700 or more!

The sheer number of workouts you can do with them make canceling your gym membership a real possibility. (You'll see an example of a full body workout down this page to demonstrate this point).

Tally up six months at home without the added cost of a gym membership and you can easily see how these dumbbells will pay for themselves several times over.

To maximize your workout, you will also need a solid workout bench.

 A proper workout bench is designed to position your body in various ways to get a solid workout in. It should be adjustable—after all, your height is different from everyone else.

Know what you are doing before you begin any exercise!!!

Although you can use a dining room chair or the end of a sofa in place of a bench, these alternatives to a bench are not adjustable nor do they provide the ideal safety conditions for using dumbbells.

These Bowflex dumbbells are completely adjustable.

Each increment can be changed by a dial at the end, making it extremely easy to adjust. Various workouts, like the P90X, require quick adjustments like these to keep your heart rate up.

These dumbbells make the entire process smooth, fast, and convenient. They will deliver precisely what you are looking for.

Example of a full body, home workout using SelectTech Dumbbells:

   Leg Exercises:

· Wide squats

· Calf raises

· Stationary lunges

· Stiff-leg dead lift

· Reverse lunge

· Side lunge

   Arm Exercises:

· Standing curls

· Concentration curls

· Incline bench curls

· Scott curls

· Overhead triceps extension

· Triceps kickback

· Lying triceps extension

· Hammer curls

   Chest Exercises:

· Flat chest press

· Incline chest press

· Flat fly

· Incline fly

· Decline chest press

Abdominal Exercises:

· Ab crunch

· Reverse crunch

· Lying trunk rotation

· Twisting side crunch

· Lying leg raise

  Back Exercises:

· Alternating rows

· Wide row

· Dead lift

Shoulder Exercises:

· Standing shoulder press

· Lateral raise

· Seated overhead press

· Front raise

· Rear delt row

· Shrugs

What Others Have Said

With over 3300 reviews posted on Amazon and a  super high, average rating of 4.8 out 5 stars - these are not just the best-selling dumbbells online - they are the best rated.

The world’s number one online marketplace,, provides a way to sift through dummy reviews. When a purchaser reviews a product, that they have actually bought, their review will indicate: Verified Purchase. So look for that.

If it does say “verified purchase” next to the review, you know it's legit. This “double-check” lends serious weight to the validity of the reviewer's claims (no pun intended).

Amazon also provides the widest range combination of negative and positive reviews.

Again, these babies have racked up over 3380 reviews on Amazon alone, with about 80% of them giving the full 5 out of 5 stars.

That's a huge sign that these are a worthwhile product.

What to Watch Out For


One of the first things you’ll notice as you unpack your brand-new Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells is the large size.

Some might describe them as bulky.

If you have a small frame, you may have trouble performing some of the exercises that require twisting and crunching.


Some people have complained of a possible safety hazard with the durability of these things. This is more of a user error issue than anything else.

It is critical that you adjust and lock them into the correct setting. By doing those things correctly, you will never have an issue.

When we opened ours, we quickly discovered what made them adjustable.

The dial at the end of the bells either locks the weights in place or lets them go.

This is not a one-piece design dumbbell.

It is a multi-part, sophisticated machine that will serve you well if you treat it well. When you make adjustments, set the bell down in its base first.

Make the change, and slowly pick the bells up.

The weight pieces that aren’t required to achieve your desired weight will be left behind in the base, leaving you with your desired weight on the dumbbell itself.

Follow the instructions, and you will not have a dumbbell that falls apart on you.

Don’t make the adjustments anywhere else but the base.

It is designed to hold each weight evenly. By doing this on your bench or worse, in the air, you are risking injury to self and damage to the product.

Treat it with care, and these dumbbells will last, even with daily use. Don’t abuse your weights and use common sense combined with safe practices.

Bottom Line

SelectTech did well with this one.

These weights are solid, durable, and easy to use. They will last if you treat them right.

Do even more of your own research. You will discover that these are still one of the best pairs on the market today.

No more will you have to wait for a dumbbell at the gym, and no more will you have to leave your house to go to the gym.

You need to try these for yourself to really understand!

Buying Advice

Check before you buy from anywhere else. Their every day price is often as good or better than any sale price you may find.

Plus, they typically deliver FAST when the item is in their warehouse. Shipping is often free.​

Also, Amazon has an incredible customer service team. They have set the standard that every other online store looks to match.

They offer a money-back guarantee that makes this purchase safe and secure. Only then can you join everyone else who swears by these bells. Visit Amazon now.

Some Final Thoughts

We cannot recommend these enough. Combining everything we learned while doing research for our review—cost vs. value, the name, purchasing our own set, the reviews—the list goes on and on—we learned something valuable.

Scrutiny has its place, and we sure did scrutinize these dumbbells.

They did everything we expected of them, and they even surprised us.

Join many hundreds of other people who have experienced these for themselves. You won't regret it. Get yourself these dumbbells: Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)