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You must be wondering about this site which is why you clicked on this page… so let me share a few things.
My name is Rose, and I became obsessed with ab workouts a short while ago after deciding that I wanted to get my flat and toned tummy back.
Even though belly fat is mostly lost by changing your diet and eating “clean” there’s still no getting around the need for exercising to be firm & tight!  
As someone who’s NOT been a big fan of traveling to a gym – although I do LOVE using the equipment – and not wanting to do a million useless floor crunches…
I began looking into abdominal machines (or ‘ab’ for short) as a better way to workout my own abs.
These machines and workout gadgets get more and more popular each year in North America and Europe for their ability to strengthen and tone your abdominal area instead of traditional crunches.
What makes them special is the way they specifically target the area so many people like me want to focus on to flatten and sculpt.

While some ab machines on the market receive negative scrutiny, there are others that show many positive reviewers claiming that the equipment they use is extremely effective in toning their abdominal region.  

Even though I haven’t used them all, I’m a big fan of research and I always do a massive amount of digging — find real user reviews + professional tests — to do my due diligence before I spend my hard-earned dollars.

By checking the reviews on this site, you’ll get to benefit from the info I’ve dug up.

Yep, I did the work, now YOU get to benefit 🙂

Hopefully, the information you find here will be a big help with deciding on which ab machine to buy if you choose to go with your own home fitness equipment.

If you have any experiences with using an ab machine, I’d really love to hear from you. Please send me an email here: contact @ab-machinereviews.com