Best Ab Machines for Your Home Gym

Ab Machines and Your Home Gym…

The trend for working out at home keeps growing in popularity.  One reason is that many folks just can’t justify spending the dough on a gym membership. Others are just too tired to drag their sorry selves off to a gym after work or at 5:00 am to squeeze it in before starting the rest of their day. home gym

So, it’s no wonder there’s been a huge increase in purchases of ab machines, the all-in-one type equipment like the Total Gym and of course exercise DVD’s – like Insanity or P90X.

People are buying countless fitness gadgets and devices to outfit their own mini gym at home. Often, this can also mean converting a space in the basement or garage into a dedicated workout area. Each year the options and variety of home gym equipment just keep on growing.  

You can start off slowly by getting just a few of the cheaper things like a stability ball, some dumbbells, and an exercise or yoga mat.

If you want to go all out and you have the money to do it, you can easily spend $5,000 on just one piece of equipment.  For example, a fancy treadmill decked out with a complete built-in entertainment center.

Usually, any exercise machine described as “commercial grade” or for commercial use will be priced in the several thousands – not hundreds.  So ask yourself: “Do I really need to go that high end for home use?”

Let’s focus back on the subject at hand and question why you might invest in an ab machine that seemingly will only focus on one area of your body.

Your abdominals are the aesthetic epicenter of your body and should be given special attention. 

Your core is just that – the core, the center of everything.   As such, it’s very important to have strong abdominals and a strong back.  

This entire area, your core,  is responsible for supporting your entire spine and the ab muscles are actually the structural framework and foundation required to stabilize your spine and support your trunk.  Strong abs are integral to your health and they are vitally important in your everyday routine.

Strong abs are integral to your health and they are vitally important in your everyday routine.

By using an abdominal exercise machine along with other fitness equipment, you can work smarter, not harder. The right equipment will save you time and probably from exercise-related injuries caused by improper form.

Since the abs are hard to work from top to bottom, many people are trying to figure out which ab machine will make it easier for them by getting a mechanical advantage –  or so you think.

But how to determine the best ab machine for home use?

That’s the real question.

First and most importantly, you’ll want to find a machine that will actually do a good job of working your abs.  Especially the lower abs which are harder to target.

Second, you’re better off using something that will give you other exercise benefits too.  Aside from those two points, you’ll want to consider the quality of the product and lastly the price.

Check our the reviews right here on this site for the Ab Coaster and Total Gym when you are exploring your options.

Listen, your health is the most worthy investment, so buy smart by checking out and comparing your options, then make a quality choice when picking fitness equipment.