Ab Glider Review – What You Should Know

Important Update!

Ab Glider Platinum, Ab Glider and the Ab Glider Sport are all DISCONTINUED and no longer available for sale.

We suggest you check out one, or both, of the two most helpful posts we've written when it comes to choosing an ab machine. Here they are:

Ab Glider - Just an Overly Hyped Exercise Machine?

Ab machines have become über popular all through North America and Europe for their ability to focus on training your abdominal areas. You might also want to read our Ab Coaster review later on as well. I strongly suggest you do so you'll be better informed about a close alternative.

What makes them special is the way they specifically target the number one, and still growing (pardon the pun) area of the body so many people want to focus on to flatten.


While it's never been sexier than now to have a super toned midsection, the general population is actually getting bigger around the middle with each and every year instead of more ripped. What irony! Maybe the sexiness of washboard abs has escalated directly because of their increased rarity.

Since sporting a sexy six pack has been an ever growing aspiration, it's no wonder you and others are looking for reviews on the most sought after abs machines.

Did you know there are several hundred ab workout machines and devices on the market?

So how are you to choose… after all, they can’t all be good? But on the other hand, there must be some which are worthwhile, right?

In this post I'm going to check out the wildly popular Ab Glider to see if this exercise machine really stands a cut above the rest.

What Is the Ab Glider?
Ab Glider ProForm

You may have seen Elizabeth Hasselback formerly a host on The View in TV ads promoting this product.

But, even though this talk show celebrity has put her credibility at stake by endorsing this product, we still should look beyond that.

The Ab Glider is a self-powered machine made by a highly reputable company called ProForm. They are mostly known for their high quality treadmills.

It’s important to note the Ab Glider is not an electrical or motorized machine.

More on this will be covered later in the review to reveal why this is could be pretty important to you.

How to Use It

To operate this machine, you start by kneeling on a pad and grasping the handles in front of you. The knee pad is mounted onto a curved track that also can swivel.

The arc movement is initiated by your grasping the two handles to pull yourself along the track and also by twisting.

By also twisting your body, you can swivel the track as you glide along it to work your all of your abdominals, including the oblique’s (love handle area). And by having this unique track swivel, in addition to the forward and backward motions, this ab machine works on all areas of your abs by engaging your entire core in one wave.

Take a look at this short video of the Ab Glider and see several different moves in motion - click the play button below:

Here are the Pro's and Con's of the ProForm AbGlider

What are the benefits?

  • One of the best things about this ab crunch machine is that it offers high resistance, and as already mentioned it engages your entire abdominal region.
  • By hitting all of your abdominal muscles at the same time, you don't have to do a bunch of different ab exercises. This saves you time.
  • And while making the most of your time - even more importantly - it’s helping you to perform compound ab exercises which are way more effective at giving you the results you want faster. This one benefit is a biggie!
  • The swivel track gives you a 2 in 1 machine – so it’s like owning an Ab Coaster and an Ab Circle Pro in one piece of equipment.
  • The 180 degree rotation track is super smooth but it also locks in place giving you the option for just the vertical motion.
  • Provides low impact exercise so it won't aggravate your joints.
  • The Ab Glider does make it easier for you to work your lower abdominal area in the same way as a hanging leg lift, but without straining as hard.
  • Made by ProForm, which is a leading fitness brand known around the world.
  • No electric motor means it won't use any power, and it can't fail due to an electric motor dying. Its simple yet genius design makes owning one pretty much carefree. This machine relies on your motion and will not end up needing maintenance nearly as often as other popular fitness machines.

Are there any Cons?

  • Although the Ab Glider will help you burn more calories, its main focus is to strengthen & tone your entire abdominal section. I believe you really should use it as additional training along with an overall fitness routine.
  • Since it the Ab Glider does not fold up and store out of the way, you’ll need to find a place for it in your home. Not everyone has the space to create a home gym area.
  • If you are under 5'4" in height, you'll find it awkward to use.
  • Ab Glider's frame and build is not nearly as solid or as sturdy as the Ab Coaster. Quite a few owners described it as flimsy, wobbly or cheap. This might be more of an issue for heavier people.
  • In the beginning you might feel that your arms are working harder than your abs. This is a design fail in my mind. The Ab Coaster design is way ahead in this respect and you will not experience the same problem.
  • A real beginner who is not maintaining the proper form (usually due to weakness in their core & upper body) may experience strain their neck or back. This is partly due to the the lack of arm support and a combination of trying to do too much too soon with the failure to use proper form. Incorrect form leads to such strains.

When used correctly, you should not have severe back or neck pain. But this brings forward a key point – ANY exercise performed with the incorrect form can cause strain and injury.

What people using it have said ...

Many Ab Glider reviewers claimed major reductions in their waistline after just a few weeks. Well now, that was good news to find! While some of the Ab Glider reviews show five stars, most of the reduced ratings have resulted from poor customer service and shipping issues. In some cases it was due to dissatisfaction with the product itself.

Here are some reviews I found online (all are from real reviewers who actually bought & used one) about the machine itself:

Patience People and Results will follow: “I bought this about 3 weeks ago and already see and feel the difference in my clothes and my lower back is getting stronger. You need to breath thru it like anything else and start out slowly until you get the motions down correctly then as you do the big movements become so much easier and you will feel it and see it! 3 weeks and I'm down 6 pounds! Started at 198 now 192! woot woot! Just be patient and don't rush thru it!.” (jmpeach)
Perfect!: “My niece and I LOVE this machine! The videos show a lot more then we thought the machine could do, and we were VERY impressed with all the exercises. The only down fall to it was putting it together. The allen wrench screws are difficult to tighten with the tool provided, so I had to use my cordless drill. Other then that, the machine is perfect, and we recommend it to everyone, all shapes and sizes fit this machine, and we love it. It works great, and we are seeing the results and actually enjoying the workout. Worth every penny... …” (Abigail)
Great Ab Machine: “was looking at the Ab coaster but browsing i found the Ab glider and I saw that this machine has two settings and therefore two different ab workout. You can do the same exercises as in the coaster PLUS lateral movements, also the machine was cheaper and was delivered to my door.” (Dr Esteban Baeza)

The Bottom Line...

It was good to find a decent number of the Ab Glider reviews I poked around for, and found, were giving positive feedback to support that this product actually does some work to tone your abs.

One thing to keep in mind is, most of those who reported glowing success are the folks who regularly used the ProForm Ab Glider for at least 8 weeks.

But with all things considered, I can only  give this ab machine just a barely OK grade because:

  • Has enough positive customer feedback supporting that it performs as promised
  • Affordable and fairly compact as home gym equipment goes.

So although it works, it really doesn't FULLY live up to the hype!

Plus in 2016, the ProForm Ab Glider is no longer available.

But if using this type of ab machine appeals to you, be sure to read up on the Ab Coaster before you decide on buying anything.

Because of its design and build quality, it is a much higher quality and better machine for long term use than any Ab Glider model.

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