Ab Glider Platinum – Features List

Important Update!

Ab Glider Platinum, Ab Glider and the Ab glider Sport are all DISCONTINUED and no longer available for sale.

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Ab Glider Platinum Features More Solid Construction…

Ab Glider Platinum

Important Update: October 1, 2014The Ab Glider Platinum is no longer offered in the U.S.A.  

The Ab Glider Platinum, Ab Glider and Ab glider Sport are no longer available for sale.  

The ProForm Ab Glider was built to last through many years of rigorous workouts.

The main reason is the quality of its construction and a frame that is made from durable, solid steel.

You should be very concerned about the quality level of any similar, copy-cat machines selling for a much cheaper price.

The real Ab Glider is made by ProForm – a fitness equipment company with a very distinguished track record.



Ab Glider Platinum Female

The ProForm Ab Glider Platinum

Get Faster Results

Because of its unique design, it allows you to move front to back, side to side or both at once and burn 2 times the calories per minute than just forward/back motion alone.

With the option of moving front to back, side to side or both at once, the Ab Glider Platinum utilizes specific movements to target your abs and obliques.

It engages as much as 44% more muscle so it burns twice the calories per minute when compared to other ab equipment.


Rotational Lock and Vertical Core Crunch Track

Adjust the track and choose the workout that works best for you. The rotational locks and vertical slide track are perfect for targeting specific muscle groups so you get customized results.

3-Position Adjustable Incline

Target your abs, obliques (side abdominals) and your entire core with 3 incline positions. Featuring beginner, intermediate and advanced intensity levels, each position offers a unique workout for more variety.


Activate More Core Muscles

Ab Glider Platinum 2Added Weights

Burn more calories and melt fat away faster just by adding weights! Easy on and off design is perfect for on-the-go personalization (Added weights sold separately).

3-Position Incline

Target your abs, obliques – your entire core with 3 incline positions Each position offers a unique workout for more variety Beginner, intermediate and advanced positions

180° Ab Rotation

Burn twice the calories per minute as compared to other ab equipment! With 180° rotation, you can move front to back, side to side or both at once to recruit up to 44% more muscle.


Track Your Progress

Amazing Abs Eating Guide
8 weeks of daily meal plans and weekly grocery lists 48 delicious recipes.  Created by a registered dietitian. It’s and excellent guide to help you learn how you can curb your appetite, make healthier food choices and to get your fitness routine

Digital Workout Counter on track.digital counter

You have an easy-to-read LCD display right in front of you which tracks your workout progress.

It does this very simply by counting reps and time.

This information gives you the option of using reps, time or both as a measure of your fitness and strength improvement.



Top-Notch Comfort

Ab Glider Platinum Female 2Soft-Grip Handles

Ergonomically designed to cut down on fatigue and prevent discomfort. Designed with a soft grip for superb hand comfort.

These handles combine superior ergonomic design to cut down on fatigue and prevent discomfort better than similar machines.

1.5″ Foam Cushioned Seat

Stay comfortable throughout your workout with this cushioned seat.

The seat slides front to back, side to side or both at once for the ultimate combination movement.  Features a thick foam support.

Vertical and Rotational Lock

Choose which workout you want, front to back, side to side or both! this option makes it perfect for workouts that target specific muscle groups

3 Instructional Workout DVDs

Maximize your workout with Instructional DVDs.  You’ll get the better results.

 2-in-1 Easy Abs Plus Workout DVD

2-in-1 Easy Abs

Work out with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former TV host from “The View,”  and a Certified Personal Trainer.   Cardio and strength training are combined in this calorie-burning, ab-toning workout! Circuit training keeps you moving and gets results fast.


3-Minute Abs Workout DVD

3-Minute Abs

Target  your abs and obliques with 3 separate sequences: front & back instructions to maximize your workout time, side-to-side and even both at once! Both beginner and advanced moves, helping you out step-by-step.

Sleek & Sexy Arms Workout DVD:

Sleek & Sexy Arms

Targeted training for your upper body too.  Each move sculpts and tones your arms and abs.



Quality Parts

Ab Glider Platinum MalePerfect Path Wheels

Non-slip design 4 wheels with bearings.   Wheels stay on the track for a smooth, friction-free workout without wearing out like on other ab machines.

Steel Construction

  • Durable and Built to last
  • Accommodates up to 250 lbs.



1-Year Warranty