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  •  Dual Motion Training for double the calorie burn and 44 Percent more muscle activation.
  • Off the Floor Ab Workout gives you proper form to get maximum calorie burn without injuring your neck or back.
  • 180 degree rotation track provides exceptionally smooth lateral motion and locks in place for vertical motion.
  • The incredibly strong and sturdy steel frame and track is built to last a lifetime.


This 30 second video shows you the ab Glider in motion:


Why Ab Glider Is Safer & Better Than Crunches

Floor sit-ups and crunches can put strain on the neck, back, and shoulders. Plus they miss the area you likely want to attack most – the lower belly.  They really just engage the upper and middle abs, so the work is almost always partial at best. Also, if you exercise using bad form (which often is the case if you are weak and unsure of how to perform exercises correctly) you can end up with strains and no positive results whatsoever.

The Ab Glider helps to solve many of those issues.  It will focus all your exercise efforts onto your entire abdominal area.  It works the lower abs hardest of all while effectively hitting the sides, middle and upper sections too. The machine’s design will help you to be positioned for the correct form and using the DVD will demonstrate how to execute the exercises with proper form too.

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