The Real Deal on Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro or Con?

After you read this Ab Circle Pro review, I think you’ll be relieved and glad that you did before buying one. I’m going to cut to the chase right now and tell you that this thing is a waste of your time and money – do not buy it!

Just like I say on my home page of this blog,  I’m going to share my real opinion about a product – even if it’s junk, I’ll say so.

Keep reading down this page if you want to know WHY you shouldn’t bother with an ab circle and some ideas of what you CAN do to effectively work your abs.

Those of you looking to whittle your waistline and maybe to also achieve the elusive six pack, will often look for alternatives to doing hundreds of crunches and hours of cardio.

Isn’t there an easier way?

Well, I can tell you tons of crunches and long cardio sessions are NOT what you need to be doing.

So along comes an infomercial with the latest newfangled device – like when the Ab Circle Pro came out – promising to burn off your belly fat in no time. Ah ha! An easier way… a dream come true…

ab circle pro reviewIn this case, they literally meant almost no time.

Their claim,  when it first came to market, was to take only 3 minutes per day to lose 10 pounds in only 2 weeks. All you had to do was use the Ab Circle Pro

That claim proved to be false and led to charges by the FTC for deceptive advertising.


I guess having the fine print about proper diet and performing enough aerobic exercise to lose the weight was not good enough!

Below, the claim in the ad is that 3 -1/2 minutes is like doing 100 sit ups! Hmmm… so what does that really mean?

ab circle pro ad

Okay, so we know that it will take more than 3 minutes per day and longer than 2 weeks to lose 10 pounds. But can you really get the promised washboard abs and sexy V shape with this thing?

Let’s take a closer look at the actual features they list and analyze them to find out.

Here are the features Ab Circle Pro lists:

  • Circular motion targets your entire core – oblique’s, upper and lower abs
  •  3 levels of resistance
  • Converts to bun and thigh leg toning machine with one simple adjustment
  • Made of Gym Quality steel
  • Folds for easy storage under beds and in closets
  • Unique Friction Free Track gets your workout off the floor
  • Comes with a “Lose Your Love Handles” guide on nutrition
  • Includes “Express Workout” DVD to get you started

ab circle pro review

Now, let’s go through these points to see if there is truly a benefit to offer you.

Circular Motion – This motion supposedly has the ability to target your entire core. In a way the twist motion does engage the upper and lower abs, however, this motion alone is not enough to be considered a complete ab workout.

Three Resistance Levels – With only three resistance levels, it does not offer much of a range.  Most users were able to get to the third level in 2-3 weeks.  Then what?  To continually strengthen and progress,  you need to increase the resistance. Typical aerobic machines in gyms will offer anywhere from 12 to 20 resistance levels, making the measly 3 quite laughable.

Friction Free Track – In spite of the smooth track, a great many users have detailed pain problems like in their knees and back after using this machine. Users have also complained that you’ll develop more strain in your arms before you ever challenge your abs.  Lack of knee padding and awkward posture… hmmm, friction free isn’t doing you much good here.

Quality –  Turns out, many consumers have had an issue with quality and below par construction. Screws may loosen and fall out. In some cases, the knee pads came right off during use and as a result, injured the user in mid-workout.

Many people have also complained about the cheap rollers breaking and the ball bearings falling out. But hey – at least they have a FREE roller upgrade kit that you can still get by calling them.

ab circle pro cracked knee

The above photo is of a cracked knee pad after just 6 days of use.

A final note on the quality aspect.

They claim it’s made of gym quality steel? Ha! that one really makes me chuckle.  You see, I worked in the steel industry for almost 15 years, so I can tell you that this is not a real term used in the steel industry! It’s just a made up marketing term used for sales pitches.

So don’t be fooled by some meaningless marketing lingo created to lead you on into believing this is made of something special.

In fact, at the time of writing this article, there were (updated number of complaints Oct 2015) 135 complaints about cracking, broken parts, and the poor quality in general on the site:

Folds For Storage – yes! Fold it up, shove it under the bed and forget about it along with the $200 spent on it.

Remember that 3 minute claim earlier on?

Well, according to Consumer the short 3 minute work out on the Ab Circle Pro burns about the same amount of calories as going on a brisk 3 minute walk. Here’s their video:

Complaints About Injury

This is scary…

I found countless complaints from people claiming they were thrown from the machine. I kid you not!

It seems that there’s a big problem is with the knee cups.  Many people claim that their knee slips right out of the knee pad causing them to fall off of the machine.  Most times leads to minor bruising but a few folks claim more serious injuries.

Many also claim they suffered from a lot of lower back pain after a few weeks of using this machine.

This was a common comment: “THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NOT BE SOLD”

Final Thoughts

It seems quite clear that the Ab Circle Pro is not a great choice for anyone looking to achieve real results. Even if it actually did do a phenomenal job on your abs, the quality issues alone scare me away from it.

But if their marketing has you really hooked to believe this device is the best way to a trim tummy, you can certainly try it out for yourself to see how it works. It was originally released at $200, but you can grab it through Amazon for 70% off the original price.

Just click on the image to buy it for around $59.95 with free shipping.

But I really hope you don’t!

3 Better Options to Work Your Abs:

For better alternatives to the Ab Circle Pro, you should read about the Ab Coaster and Ab Carver Pro.

As a matter of fact, check those reviews out before you decide on making ANY ab machine purchase.

And if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a machine, but are willing to try an effective abs training system that will guide you step by step through proven methods…. well, then take a look at the Truth About Abs system on their official page.

It’s way cheaper than an Ab Circle and 10 times more effective.

Or keep on guessing and failing until you finally figure it out on your own. That will work too … eventually …. IF you can manage to stick with the process.