7 Steps for Men to Lose Love Handles Fast

men love handles

So you’d like to lose love handles making it tougher for your partner to grab onto you? Kidding, of course!

Did you know the risk of gaining a lot of extra fat around the waistline is greater for men than for women?

Guys don’t typically get thunder thighs, so when a men puts on the extra poundage from fat, it will most likely collect around the mid section.

What Are Love Handles?

These are the deposits of fat collected on top of  the oblique area of your abdominals. Or, the ab muscles on the sides of your torso. It’s also the fat which tends to hang over the waistband of your pants.

The best way to melt away this fat includes combining proper eating and exercise. Sounds easy enough, but following through can be tough for many people.

If you believe you have the discipline, read on…

Men – How to Lose Love Handles Faster

1 – First Step

lose love handles no junk foodDitch all the junk food and foods with hidden sugar and sodium. Stay away from the obvious offenders like fries, burgers, and baked goods.

Stop Eating Bread – as much as possible!

Give up all foods that are high in sodium, saturated trans fats and hidden sugar. Offenders include: bacon, sausages, wings and ribs.

Instead of eating that stuff, swap your food choices for nutrient rich foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, black beans, brown rice, grilled lean meats (skinless chicken breast) and dairy.

2- Second Step

Reduce your overall calories. You’ll need to reduce your intake by at least 500 calories. So if you were eating 3000 calories per day, you’ll need to drop down to 2500. That’s the MINIMUM to lose 1lb per week. Cut your calories by 1000 and you’ll lose 2 lbs per week – maybe a bit more.

Remember that the calories in liquids do also count! Drinking pure water does not because it has zero calories.  What will mess you up are juices, sodas and alcoholic beverages. Those are high in calories from sugar.

3 – Third Step

Keep hunger at bay by eating many times per day and including foods which are high in fiber. So have several small meals with healthy snacks through out the day.

Fix your main meals to include a balance of protein and complex carbohydrates.

Snacks can be single foods like a handful of raw nuts, a couple of hard boiled eggs or some cheese.

Just make sure you eat something healthy at least every 3 hours and space out your eating times to be no more than three hours apart.

4 – Fourth Step

drink water to lose love handlesDrink a lot of water.

As mentioned earlier, booze (beer, wine and the hard stuff) are high in calories. Drinks like soda, fruit juice and sweet tea are all high in empty calories and can sabotage your progress.

Stick with just plain water and have a big glass of it before you eat. This will make you fell fuller sooner so you will naturally eat .

5- Fifth Step

Do some form of high intensity cardio that you will like so you’ll stick with it. So if you hate running – don’t run!

Try cycling, swimming or playing a sport that will get you running around a lot like squash or soccer.

Perform your cardio 3 days per week and alternate the days so you are not doing intense cardio days one after the other.

Make sure you train with intensity by doing an interval style of training.  Warm up by going slow for the first 5 minutes, then exercise at a high intensity for 30 seconds. Drop your intensity to a moderate pace for 60 seconds and the go hard for 30 seconds again.  Continue going from fast to moderate for the rest of your workout – not more than 30 to 40 minutes.

This is the type of training that burns fat very efficiently.

6- Sixth Step

lift weights to lose love handlesLift weights because it will  boost your metabolism.  And I am talking about your resting metabolism.  Building added muscle gives you the best “after burn”.  Much more so than cardio.

For every pound of muscle you add has the potential to burn an extra 30 – 50 calories per day.  Focus on large muscle groups to build the most mass, like your legs.

Also, be sure to choose compound exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time.  Some examples are squats, dead-lifts, and bench presses.

Do your muscle building workouts in between your cardio exercise days.  You should do 3 muscle days and 3 cardio days with one full day off as a rest day.

7- Seventh Step

ab wheel workoutMake sure that you do specific abdominal exercises that will also hit all areas, like your obliques. Try exercises like hanging knee raises, bicycle crunches, side plank lifts and the ab carver wheel rolling out to each side. You can read my review on this device here: Ab Carver Review

Do three sets of each abs exercise after each of your cardio sessions.  Try and aim for 15 to 20 reps per set. But if you are starting out, just do as many as you can… even if it much less than that.

Are There Any Short Cuts That Work?

Following all 7 of steps are really your best way to lose love handles faster. There are no real short cuts that can get you results over night.

Taking a fat burner pill or using other ab workout devices may indeed help you melt the fat a tiny bit faster when you include them in with these tips – but you cannot rely on any of those things alone.

Ultimatley, you will need to combine the right changes to your diet and exercise plan and remain faithful to them in order to get results.