fast tipsYou can lose an inch or two from your midsection super fast with just these 5 recommendations.

These are really quick ways to have a flatter stomach in just a few weeks. In fact, a couple of these tips will help you reduce a bloated looking belly in a couple of days.

Once you know the key tricks and right techniques, you can finally be on your way to seeing flatter abs.

Here are your 5 Quick Tips to Get Flatter Abs

Reduce Sodium from Your Diet

I know this sounds almost stupidly simple, but this can have a really dramatic effect – especially if you have a lot of sodium in your diet now.

This can change your appearance and give you a flatter belly in just a few days.


Because too much sodium in your diet causes you to retain excess water resulting in puffiness and bloating.

A whopping 3,400 milligrams is the amount of sodium that the average American consumes yet only 1,500 milligrams or less is the recommended daily allowance of sodium.

So start checking product labels and make sure that you are cutting back on any food or beverages that increase your sodium intake.

Some of the worst offenders are:

  • bread
  • canned soup
  • pizza
  • cold cut meats
  • condiments & sauces
  • snack foods
  • soft drinks

In fact, MOST packaged foods are high in sodium.

Statistics show that 65% comes from packaged supermarket and convenience store foods and 25% comes from eating restaurant meals.

Bottom line…

The more you cut those out and stick to eating more natural stuff that doesn’t come out of a box or wrapper, the less sodium you’ll consume.

Stick to preparing your food at home from scratch and you ‘ll cut down on sodium in a big way.

Once you cut your sodium down drastically, you will see how much leaner you’ll look even by the next day, just from the reduced puffiness.

Cut Carbohydrates on Certain Days

I’m not going to tell you to cut out carbs all the time – but just some of the time.  Skip eating concentrated carbs a few days out of each week.

Things like bread, potato, pasta, and rice.

On your non-carb days, stick with eating just protein, lots of green vegetables and some fruit.

As an example, eat your fish and meats with a big pile of steamed  broccoli instead of having a side of rice with it.   Have eggs for breakfast without any toast.

Snack on raw nuts, fruit or cheese cubes instead of things like crackers or cookies.

By doing this, you’ll burn up some of your glucose stores and ensure that you are burning up more body fat during those lower carbohydrate days.

Include Weight Training Exercise

Building more muscle mass is very important to fat burning in general.

The faster you can add more muscle to your body, the quicker you will burn off fat from all areas of your body. It’s best to focus first on the large muscle groups where you can build muscle faster.

Train your legs, chest, and back to accomplish this.

And yes ladies – you too!  

Now don’t worry because female hormones will not allow women to get big muscles.

Women will only build big & manly looking muscles when they take steroid supplements to help force unnatural growth and train like a bodybuilder.

So do train with weights and ladies, you will get tight, toned and leaner. beginner_free_weights_exercises_legs To be more specific, I want you to use free weight training as part of your exercise plan instead of just using machines.

Free weight training is a great way to contribute to flat abs because of the secondary engagement of your core with each and every exercise you do.

By using free weights, you require your body to use the core to maintain a high degree of stabilization – that’s where the secondary engagement of you abs muscles comes in.

Challenge Your Balance

De-stabilizing the body is a great way to engage the core and make it stronger and tighter.

Stabilization will come into play when you are using free weights to work out, but also try doing ab specific exercises on an exercise ball.

That will help to get the core more engaged and results in hitting deep muscle fibers to contract them harder than ever before. abs crunch on a ball Regular floor crunches on an ab mat don’t really do much to flatten your abs – don’t let the burn you feel fool you.

Use an exercise ball to do abs exercises along with other moves that challenge your balance and you’ll see far better results.

Add the Right Fat Burning Supplement

fat-burnerLast but not least, consider using a quality fat burning supplement.

Yes, you can get awesome flat abs without this but if faster is your goal, then this is the super highway to your destination.

The right supplement will boost your metabolism even if you aren’t cranking up your exercise routine or making big changes to your diet.  It will open up the pathways for the body to break down its fat stores for energy – a process known as thermogenesis.  

A good quality thermogenic will allow you to experience reduced hunger, faster weight loss, and more energy.

But you will need to do a little bit of checking to ensure you are buying a safe and effective brand.

One such product is Clenbutrol which is popular and highly effective for men. You can get to their site and read about it in detail here: Clenbutrol product page

If you are a woman and you want to try a fantastic fat burner, visit to learn more about it will melt fat AND suppress your appetite.

Bottom Line

By taking the steps to modify your diet, adding weight bearing exercises and also taking an effective thermogenic supplement, you will get the fastest possible results.

Put all 5 of these key points into play and you will be well on your way to having the body you’ve dreamed of.

Your future success is in your own hands.