5 Ab Machines That Don’t Work – Avoid the Junk

Many of you are wondering if using an ab machine is worth it at all. 

Well, just a few ab machines are worhtwhile. But just a very few.

Certain ab equipment will be a complete waste of your time - so let's help you avoid those.

Now,  with so many exercise machines and weird fitness gadgets around to choose from, it makes the entire prospect of picking the right one kind of hard.

It will help you out a lot by just knowing which ab machines do NOT work so you can totally avoid them fromthe start.

This will help to narrow the field a little bit so you can ignore the junk and focus on picking from the winners.

You’ll hear plenty of hype and find lots of reviews for which ab machine is best.

But some of those (okay, maybe a lot of them) are just plain FAKE!

Doesn’t it make you wonder how just about every ab gadget out there has a ton of positive endorsements backing them up?

And how many review sites out there are willing to disclose which ones are actually a total waste of money?

Very few!

Make no mistake – some of these ab machines are not only useless for giving you a decent workout, but most of them are also total garbage because they are made so poorly.

To avoid those which are a complete waste of you time and money, keep reading on and I’ll list which ab gadgets you should stay away from and why.

Ab Roller

ab roller review

This device is supposed to help you maintain the proper form while performing crunches.

Their ads claim that it will to keep you from straining or hurting your neck.

The ab roller is simple, cheap a bit bulky and actually a totally ineffective contraption.

The truth is, traditional crunches are the least effective abs exercise and by adding support with this thing, it makes them totally useless.


Done't buy this when you can just do floor crunches or other ab exercises.

Or just buy a real ab machine!

If you care to dig deeper, read our full review here: Ab Roller Review – Why It Doesn’t Rock!

Ab Wheels

While the idea for this was terrific, not to mention inexpensive, small and easy to port around; the cheapest wheel is not a good option.

You see, the actual wheel on this super-inexpensive (like $8 to $10) type of ab wheel is just too skinny and narrow to give you decent stability.

This is a problem because it poses a high risk for strain – mainly to your back.

You need a better quality and wider wheel.

There is a similar and much, much better ab wheel to use instead which is the Ab Carver.

You can find out why that device is not only safer, but also provides a much better workout. Read our review for it here: Perfect Fitness Ab Caver Pro

Ab Circle Pro

The claims that were made in TV ads for this machine pertaining to how fast it could get you to lose 10lbs put this company into legal hot water.

They actually were charged and fined with false advertising.

But since not every snake-oil salesman will get dragged into court, you simply can’t believe any of the hype on all those TV ads to be true.

Many will continue to lie and just get away with it.

Another thing I need to point out with the ab circle are the huge number of complaints about the poor quality of this device.

Parts seem to be cracking after minimal use.

Plus there are safety issues as well.

And since this weird machine really doesn’t do much to work your abs – just skip wasting any money on this item.

Want to know more?

Read our review about the ab circle here: The Real Deal on Ab Circle Pro.

Ab Lounger

With the Ab Lounge, the equipment itself is doing the most important part of the ab work for you – the stabilization.

All you are really doing with this thing is using it to move your body around.

So even you might still “feel the burn,” (newsflach: almost anything will make you “feel the burn” if you do it enough times) you are better off doing floor crunches with no help from a device like this one.

It's silly.

And useless...!​

DON'T buy it.​

Ab Doer Twist

There are many complaints about the arm bar not staying in place no matter how hard it is tightened.

The poor quality of this product is a common theme in the complaints made by the many who were unfortunate enough to buy this silly chair.

If you can already perform sit-ups or crunches, stay away from this “machine” as you will be disappointed.

It’s total junk.

Ab Rocket

This wacky thing has got to be one of the absolute worst of the 5 that are listed here.

Reports of getting a sore neck, sore back and feeling agitated are what users comment the most.

The foam rollers are annoying and are like knives piercing into your back when you do a sit up.

When you look at the strange curve of the chair, ask yourself who has a back shaped like that?

It's not ergonomic at all.

And if it were not painful, working out on it will simply bore you.

If you try to do a sit up too fast you’ll slam your neck and back with those silly rolls.

Eventually, people just wanted to smash the darn thing with a sledge hammer! I can't say that I blame them.

In fact, bashing it with a sledge hammer would give you a much better work out.

'nuff said...​

So Which Ab Machines ARE Worthwhile?

You can go through and check out a bunch of different reviews here on this site, but for a quick overview you start with Best Exercise Equipment for Ab Workouts at Home to learn about some gear and ab machines that DO actually work.

The Ab Coaster Review is a featured article on this site, and it is a post that I highly recommend for you to read if you really are interested in similar machines.

Another really good one to go through is the Total Gym Review. That post expalins why you might want to consider it as a way to get a great ab workout AS WELL as working out your entire body.

After all... you don't just want great abs, you want a great body, right?​

Be wise and check your review source. Don’t trust reviews from any web site that will ONLY say how fantastic EVERY product is.

There are always some cons and cautions about most every product.

A good review will point some of those out; or negatives about the equipment.

Or machines that are just plain crappy!

Nothing is 100% perfect, so there aren’t many machines that will have only positive testimonials.

What you will find that there are certain ones which will tip the scale to having more fans than negative critics.

The Truth About Showing a 6-Pack

There is also another critical thing you must understand and accept if you want really flat abs or a visible six-pack.

You will need to lose the fat covering up your abdominal muscles and that won’t happen by just using an ab machine.

Sorry to burst your bubble.​

To achieve that, you need to take the required steps to modify your nutrition (diet) and also amp up your calorie burning.

Don’t believe any B.S. about spot reduction either.

Science has proven that just can’t be done.

By way of genetics, your body decides where to store more of the fat and where to lose it. You might end up shrinking in other areas first before you experience the inches coming off your abs.

That’s just reality folks.

So decide on your goal and look into investing in decent equipment that will help to motivate you to exercise your abs.

If getting something like an Ab Coaster or an Ab Carver will stoke your desire to work out, then go for it.

The most important thing is that you use what you buy, and then do what it takes for as long as it takes to achieve your goal.