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We are here to offer you more than just reviews for exercise machines that target abs.  This is a place of ever growing resources that will help you on your journey to creating a flatter tummy, rock hard abs or even a sexy six pack.

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fast tips

5 Quick Tips for Flatter Abs

Want to see a flatter stomach really fast?  If that’s your focus and goal, you need to know about these 5 essential things to help you get results sooner rather than later.



ab coaster review Ab Coaster Review

If you are considering an ab coaster – read this first before you buy this or any other type of machine for abs or expensive exercise equipment.



Ab Glider machine Ab Glider Review

Check out our review on the ab glider and make an informed decision before buying this or any other type of ab machine.



ab roller review Ab Roller Review

Although this fitness gadget is not too expensive, is it even effective enough to spend a dime? Read this review and decide for yourself.



If you’ve been thinking about an ab wheel to train your way to super fit abs you should definitely check out the ab carver and compare it to the standard wheels  you usually see. Read up – you’ll be glad you did.



dreaming of a six pack

The 12 Most Common Abs Workout Questions Answered

Check out this Q&A to ensure you are on the right path with your abs workouts. If you have a question that isn’t there,  enter it into the Leave A Reply section to have it answered for you.

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